ST-23-10: MILLWOOD PIKE/I-81 SB Exit 313 Interchange

ST-23-10 Overview Map

I-81 Southbound Off-Ramp onto Eastbound U.S. Route 50/17 TO Tulane Drive

Project Purpose

The focus of this study is to continue the evaluation performed during Round 1 of Project Pipeline on the ST04 (522/Front Royal Pike) study, which identified the preferred alternative as a Partial Median U-Turn on U.S. Route 50/17 to improve traffic operations and accommodate future growth, as well as provide safety benefits.  The project also includes enhancements and extensions of pedestrian facilities along the study area.  The study will focus on mitigating right-of-way and limited access concerns with the Federal Highway Administration and affected property owners. The conceptual design and cost estimate will be refined to incorporate changes and value engineering.

Study Partners

  • Frederick County
  • Win-Fred Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Shenandoah University

Key Points of Contact

District Lead: Brad Reed

Lead Consultant: Nathan Umberger


Phase 1 May - August 2023 Perform Traffic Modeling/Evaluate Modification to Original Alternative
Phase 2 September - December 2023 Select Preferred Alternatives/Coordinate with Stakeholders/Conduct Public Outreach
Phase 3 January-July 2024  Conduct Risk Assessment/Develop and Refine Preferred Alternatives/Prepare Cost Estimate and Investment Strategy

Last updated: March 11, 2024

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