BR-23-08: U.S. Route 58/421 (Bristol Highway)

BR-23-08 Overview Map

Route 224 (Wadlow Gap Highway) to Route 614 (A.P. Carter Highway)

Project Purpose

The purpose of this study was to identify project recommendations for the U.S. Route 58/421 (Bristol Highway) corridor within Scott County. This study focused on improving roadway safety and preserving the capacity of the corridor. 

Based on a thorough review of existing conditions data, the study team and VDOT has determined that the needs of the U.S. Route 58 corridor can be best addressed through systemic safety funding programs. The operations and safety data do not indicate the need for site-specific improvement projects that would be further evaluated and developed during Phases 2 and 3 of Project Pipeline. For this reason, VDOT has decided to complete the study with the conclusion of Phase 1.

Study Partners

  • Scott County
  • Kingsport Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • VHB

Key Points of Contact

District Lead: Blake Ailor and Samantha Farmer

Lead Consultant: Chris Daily


Phase 1 May - August 2023 Diagnose Problems/Brainstorm Alternatives

Last updated: May 16, 2024

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