FR-23-08: Route 3 (Plank Road)

FR-23-08 Overview Map

Taskforce Drive TO East of South I-95 Interchange Ramps

Project Purpose

The purpose of this study is to compile and analyze data related to VTrans needs that have been identified along the corridor and to produce recommended improvements. The study will build off the initial Project Pipeline Route 3 study (FR01) and develop more detailed recommendations. Deliverables should include recommendations in the form of SMART SCALE-ready projects containing analytical documentation that fully support the recommended improvement(s).

Study Partners

  • Spotsylvania County
  • City of Fredericksburg
  • Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • George Washington Regional Commission (GWRC)
  • JMT

Key Points of Contact

District Lead: Linda LaSut and Casandra Lord

Lead Consultant: John Riley and Karzan Bahaaldin


Phase 1 May - August 2023 Diagnose Problems/Brainstorm Alternatives
Phase 2 September - December 2023 Evaluate Preliminary Alternatives/Conduct Public Outreach and Obtain Feedback/Select Preferred Alternatives
Phase 3 January-July 2024  Conduct Risk Assessment/Develop and Refine Preferred Alternatives/Prepare Cost Estimate and Investment Strategy

Last updated: May 17, 2024

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